#TechDiversity Awards


Celebrating leaders and champions of diversity in the digital technology sector


The #TechDiversity Awards highlight and promote the initiatives our industry is implementing to foster greater diversity in the digital technology sector.

The awards recognise individuals and groups who have demonstrated leadership and embraced inclusion by raising awareness and promoting diversity initiatives and programs. The judges are seeking initiatives that foster not only greater gender diversity but also greater diversity across other minority groups, including those with disabilities, Indigenous communities and LGBTI+ communities.

We are also looking for outcomes. What outcomes have been achieved as the result of these initiatives? How do they improve not only diversity but program or organisational performance? What are the benefits?

Four #TechDiversity values

Successful entries will demonstrate outstanding expressions of the four #TechDiversity values: behaviour, initiatives, commitment and courage. These are key touchstones to embrace inclusion and drive diversity.

Four award categories

The #TechDiversity Awards program celebrates diversity leadership across one or more of four key awards categories: education, business, government and/or media and advertising.


The awards are over for 2017, but we’ll be back in March 2018.

In the meantime, check out the video of the #TechDiversity Awards Gala 2017…

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