About #TechDiversity

The #TechDiversity Foundation is an industry alliance committed to amplifying diversity awareness and achieving a culture of inclusion, through conversation, collaboration and action among a committed #TechDiversity community.

The initiative is spearheaded by a committee representing a number of industry groups and businesses – including Australian Computer Society (ACS), Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), Vic ICT for Women, Australian Women in Security (AWSN), SeniorPreneurs, and Mia.

With a focus on strengthening frameworks to increase the participation of women and minority groups in the digital technology industry, our vision is for inclusion to be built into all facets of the digital industry sector – specifically education, business, government, and media and advertising culture.

Annual #TechDiversity Awards and events program

The #TechDiversity Foundation is proud to organise and host the annual #TechDiversity Awards, including an awards presentation evening. The foundation and its members also host a series of networking evenings and diversity events throughout the year.

Contact information



Deirdre Diamante
#TechDiversity Foundation Chair



Andrea Marlan
#TechDiversity Awards Manager



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