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2018 #TechDiversity Awards & Gala Dinner

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Celebrate, Inspire, Change

Too often diversity is talked about from a point of view of what is not happening and how long it is taking to do anything. There’s so much ‘noise’ but in the world of #TechDiversity, we are putting on the positive.

We would love to have you join us and put some energy into celebrating celebrating and elevating diversity initiatives that make a difference. Where diversity is not just a word – real action is taken.

Celebrate #TD Award recipients and be inspired to create initiatives that build diversity.  Buy a ticket and one for a friend. Actually, buy an entire table and bring your clients. This is a night to network, spend time with likeminded people and catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

It will be a wonderful night, made all the more special by the lovely Francesca Lachman who will be performing on the night.


For more details on the gala dinner and speaker line up please click on the brochure link

#TD Gala and Awards Dinner Brochure

Francesca Lachman was born blind. She was also born for music.

Aged sixteen, Francesca excels at the piano and is proficient on drums, guitar and is also a ‘pitch perfect’ singer. Considering that she is blind, her musical prowess is even more extraordinary. Her genius extends to her ability to sit and listen to whole performances in any music style and later recall and play each note. She is also a composer and has a portfolio of over 1000 songs. She has been recording her songs under Bill Irvin, who is legally blind. Bill who has recorded the world’s best artists, has never seen anything like Francesca. He shakes his head in disbelief the speed at which she can instantly create a track in her mind and build the song, integrating every sound/instrument as she goes, layer after layer.


The #TechDiversity Foundation 2018 Charity Partner is Insight – an education centre for the blind and vision impaired

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10% of all ticket sales to our Gala Dinner and Awards Night will also go directly to Insight.


Francesca began as a foundation student and was years behind in all academic subjects and in life skills. Last year Francesca graduated from Insight and is progressing well at a mainstream school supported by Insight’s expert team.

The Insight goal is simple: help kids to keep up, or catch up, at school across both the academic and life skills curricula. Help them gain the self-esteem and self-confidence they need to PROSPER in a mainstream school so that they can get an education and go on to get paid employment – and have an INDEPENDENT life.


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C2 Melbourne is an international business conference that helps established and aspiring leaders unlock their creativity to better face disruption and change.