Tech Diversity Awards - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can nominate?

Absolutely anyone.

Can I self nominate?

Of course, we encourage it. Back yourself and be proud of your achievement.

What are the categories?

  • Business
  • Government
  • Education
  • Media and Advertising – noting that a nomination in this category can be any type of media / advertising created by ANY organisation within the tech sector that has USED MEDIA to support an initiative. For example, Deloitte Digital’s LGBTI OUT50 CAMPAIGN or Go Girl, Go for IT’s bi-annual one day event to showcase tech careers for school age girls.

What are the questions in the nomination process?

  • Nominator / Nominee name and contact details
  • Team – who worked on the project / Initiative
  • Overview / Short summary
  • How would you say diversity is embraced within your organisation or sector?
  • Are there diversity initiatives in place or are diversity approaches new to your sector?
  • Detail the approach that was taken to implement the project or initiative, what actions were taken and why?
  • What were the challenges/hurdles faced when implementing or extending the initiative?
  • Demonstrate the leadership shown in driving the initiative and fostering behavioural and organisational change?
  • Detail the follow up or response to the project or initiative by the organisation / industry / sector. For example, has it been extended for a further year, or has the scope been expanded?  Do you have metrics to support this?
  • What do you consider your significant achievement with this initiative and why?
  • Who inspires you from a diversity perspective? Who provides Leadership in diversity and why?
  • What business value and efficiencies did the diversity initiative have on the organisation’s bottom line?
  • Referee’s details (at least 2 preferable)
  • Any attachment to support your submission (limit of 5MB / upload)

What are the criteria that submissions will be judged on?

We are seeking nominations of Initiatives that exhibit excellence in #TechDiversity across one or more of the following sectors:

  • Business
  • Government
  • Education
  • Media and Advertising

These initiatives must demonstrate amplifying diversity awareness and achieving a culture of inclusion, through conversation, collaboration and action.

In these sectors we are seeking new and established initiatives (greater than 2 years old).

Nominations will be assessed against the following criteria that align with the values of the #TechDiversity Foundation:

  • Unique qualities of nominated Initiative compared to existing sector programs
  • Demonstration of behavioural change within nominating organisation
  • Plan to ensure ongoing success of Initiative (Commitment)
  • Courage exhibited in creating and fostering initiative
  • Leadership driving the initiative
  • Contribution to diversity in science, technology, engineering or maths sectors.

Nominations are to cover:

  • Overview of project or initiative
  • Approach
  • Actions/initiatives
  • Follow up/response (to project or initiative)
  • Actions to overcome resistance, and
  • Outcomes achieved, relating to diversity targets and wider program goals.

Industry, government and educational experts will review and rate nominations using a ratings model, with the highest average rating selected as our winners.

Can we make more than one nomination?

Absolutely!  We want to hear about ALL the great work being done.

What does it cost to nominate?

Nothing.  The cost to make a nomination entry is covered by the sponsorship from our supporters.  We purposely want to keep it free, to encourage as many nominations as possible.  We want to hear about all the amazing initiatives that are making a contribution for a more diverse and inclusive world.

What do I win?

A TechDiversity Award, lots of free publicity, a summary on our website, but most importantly, the ability to showcase your initiative and inspire other organisations to follow your lead in making diversity, inclusion and belonging a high priority.  Your nomination could make a world of difference.

Who will see my submission?

First it will be our judges.  However, we also want to shine a light in ALL the initiatives, so we will create a case study that can be used to support other organisations looking for inspiration to start/continue their D&I journey/targets. So hopefully lots of lots of other people will see your submission.

I don’t have an initiative ready to nominate at the moment, how else can I get involved?

  • Help spread awareness of the Awards via your social media channel.
  • Contact any colleagues, friends, family members who do have an initiative and encourage them to nominate
  • Sign up to our community HERE (if not done so already), to be kept up to date with latest information and awards updates
  • Buy a ticket to attend the Gala dinner. Purchase HERE
  • Buy a table and involve the whole team. Purchase HERE
  • Can’t attend in person? This year the awards will also be livestreamed. Purchase individual or team virtual tickets HERE
  • Align your brand to the TechDiversity Awards and consider a sponsorship package. They range from $5k up to $20K.  Contact to find out more
  • For more general information head to:

How long does it take to complete the nomination form?

Like all things that are worthwhile doing, it takes a little effort. We estimate approximately 2-3 hours. HOWEVER, you can save and edit, restart, continue and enter information at your own leisure until you feel it is ready to submit. The deadline to hit the submit button is 22nd October.

Can I see previous submissions?

Sure can. Click here: PREVIOUS AWARDS

Can I amend my submission?

You can save your submission as many times as required and come back at your own convenience before hitting the final submit button. Once you have submitted your nomination, no further changes are permitted.

I cannot attend the gala dinner in person, will it be livestreamed?

Yes. This year we will be livestreaming the awards. You can purchase individual virtual tickets or team tickets. Team ticket purchases include a hamper with drinks and nibbles (suitable for 8 persons). Purchase tickets HERE

Is my submission confidential?

All submissions are published on the awards site to shine a light on initiatives / projects to inspire others to replicate.  The nominee’s organisation name and the summary of the nomination will be shared on the awards website. Nominees can opt out to have personal and contact information published.

Will I receive feedback?

While not guaranteed, some judges may provide feedback on given on submissions.

How do I get started?

Gather the information you need (questions asked are listed above) and head to the awards portal HERE, create a username and away you go.

When are the finalists announced?

The merit and award winners are announced at our gala dinner on December 2nd at the Sofitel in Melbourne. We do not announce shortlisted nominations prior.

I am having issues with entering my submission or need more information. Who can I contact?

Please contact

How big does the initiative / project need to be?

Size doesn’t matter we accept small to large scale initiatives/projects.  What matters is the positive impact of the initiative / project on people and tech workforces.

How old does the initiative / project have to be?

We are seeking new AND established initiatives (greater than 2 years old).  So even if your initiative is less than 12 months old, we want to hear about it and the impact it has had. The judges are also looking for innovation around the initiative itself and many new initiatives may meet this criterion!

Even after reading through this extensive FAQ, I’m still unsure about my nomination. Now what?

Please email your question along with your contact details to and someone from the #TD Foundation will contact you to further discuss your nomination and the process.