TechDiversity is a social enterprise committed to amplifying Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and achieving a culture of belonging, through conversation, collaboration and action for people who work in technology.

The TechDiversity community, is a platform for change for people within traditional tech roles and non-technical roles within technology workforces who are committed to DEI.

With Collaboration Comes Action.

TechDiversity acts as a conduit between our tech community and DEI experts, supporting individuals and organisations who are committed to creating a diverse workplace culture.

TechDiversity’s commitment to the tech community is to inspire and empower businesses to unlock the benefits of DEI. We do this through our unique pillars for change:

3 Pillars for Change

1. Educate – Our educate resource pillar is used by our community to access resources to learn more or to assist them on their diversity and inclusion journey. Our community can enjoy free interactive events throughout the year where they learn from DEI experts and hear case study stories and initiatives from their peer groups who are embracing the benefits and sharing challenges when implementing DEI initiatives.

2. Implement – This pillar is built on the ‘doing’ element of DEI initiatives, a resource rich pillar that gives our community the tools and frameworks required for organisations and individuals who want to begin, enhance or further develop their DEI journey but are unsure of where to start or how to do it.

3. Events – The yearly highlight for our community is our flagship event the #TechDiversity Awards. The awards recognise individuals and groups from Business, Government, Education, Media & Advertising and Tech for Good organisations who have demonstrated leadership through DEI initiatives and programs across all gender and minority groups within the Australian tech sector. We also host community Connect events nationally throughout the year to regularly engage with our community.

Action through education | TechDiversity Academy.

In 2022, we launched the TechDiversity Academy, a first of its kind certified year long program where participants have access to workshops, leadership sessions, mentorships, practical DEI frameworks, and peer-to-peer networking.

A unique transformational process built on a well-thought-out program by a team of DEI experts with various skills and backgrounds from data analytics to workplace transformational change consultants.

This comprehensive program is available for practitioners, managers, leaders, and teams.

Our Team

TechDiversity is managed by Luli Adeyemo and a core committee of volunteers representing Best Case Scenario, Mia Consulting Services, Method9, Newfound and MizTee. This core committee is supported by a wider Advisory Board representing several industry groups and businesses – including Australian Computer Society (ACS), Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), Vic ICT for Women, REA Group and Avanade.

TechDiversity believe in a future where ALL people are valued; empowering individuals, organisations and communities to thrive.

Our mission is to make DEI the #1 business priority in Australia.



Director & Foundation Members

Luli Adeyemo

Luli Adeyemo

Executive Director

Deirdre Diamante

Non-Executive Director

Soozey Johnstone

Non-Executive Director

Tracey Habron

Founder and Advisory Board Member

Claire Marriott

Founder and Advisory Board Member

2021-2022 TechDiversity Partners

Advisory Board Members

Louise Alphonso


Kat Barnett

Debra Bordignon

Michelle Bourke

Rebecca Campbell-Burns

Rachel Smith-Cianchi

Paul Cooper

Brett Findlay


Yi-Hsia 'Yish' Koh

Laura Malcolm

Elizabeth Mulhall

Anna Sheppard

George Stavrakakis

Lynn Warneke

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