TechDiversity Educate Pillar

Diversity and Inclusion EducationCreating an inclusive workplace culture is a bit more complex than merely saying your workplace supports diversity and inclusion. To simply this process and to help organisations get started on their D&I journey we act as a conduit between our community and diversity and inclusion experts.   It’s the responsibility of all individuals and organisations to learn and identify areas they can improve upon when it comes to diversityinclusion.   Our educate resource pillar is used by our community to access resources to assist them on their diversity and inclusion journey.  Many use this resource area to:

  • Build a case study to start a diversity and inclusion initiative, therefore require hard facts and figures to support business growth objectives.
  • Learn the business benefits of diversity and inclusions.
  • Begin cultural transformation by helping organisations to understand  what frameworks and resources are required to measure D&I within the workplace
  • Access organisations that will help organisations meet their D&I targets.
  • Join conversations with our some of experts who have worked with small to multi-national organisations when it comes to D&I initiatives.
  • Engage with our community who are going through their D&I journey, it’s an ever evolving journey and education is key to every stage, even to the most seasoned organisations implementing D&I initiatives.

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