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techdiversity webinar series

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Why should diversity be top of your recovery strategy

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This webinar attracted HR Directors, Change Management Leaders, People & Culture, CIOs, Marketing Heads, Talent Acquisition and many more from Retail, Government, Technology, Universities and more.

Gain answers to strategic questions for your business:

  • Why the financial returns of companies that invest in diversity are higher than their counterparts?
  • How do I create a diverse tech workforce now to mirror economic stages that lay ahead?
  • Why ICT professionals are the most in demand
  • How technology can enable a diverse work culture
  • Where do I start with a diverse workforce? What stakeholders should be involved?

Don’t let a crisis go to waste
Smart leaders are currently looking very frankly at their future strategies and considering where their organisation is going to be in the new norm. The priority for leaders is identifying how innovation can spark new growth opportunities. Research supports that diverse companies are better able to win top talent, orient themselves well with their customers and improve decision making.

Crisis generates a lot of energy
As a non-profit association we represent a diverse and talented tech workforce, we have witnessed how this workforce has excelled during the Covid-19 crisis by helping organisations to think differently and drive survive and thrive initiatives. It is our role to ensure that leaders like you are aware of the ‘rocket fuel of innovation’ that a diverse tech workforce can bring to all types of organisations in the current climate.

Jul 29, 2020 10:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

About Speakers

Madeleine Grummet
Founder | CEO | Startup Mentor @Future Amp | girledworld

Madeleine Grummet is an award-winning education technology entrepreneur, startup mentor, 2020 Amazon Web Services Scout, Angel investor, Board Director (MAICD), and Founder of leading career education and employability skills platform Future Amp. She is also the Founder and CEO of award-winning business girledworld, which has connected 100’s of global industry mentors with 30,000+ high school students to skill them for the future of work. Qualified in innovation, Design Thinking and venture investment with the University of Melbourne, Stanford University and global design firm IDEO, Madeleine is also a national keynote speaker, regular media contributor, MC, journalist and Human Cogs podcast host.

Robbie Robertson
Managing Partner – Virtual Office | National Leader – Globe @Deloitte

Robbie is a global, award-winning HCD & customer experience strategist specialising in the fusion of retail, brand and digital experiences. As the Managing partner of the Virtual Office in Australia he leads a team of specialists who help clients with their virtual enablement journies, developing the hybrid workplace and delivering exceptional customer & employee experiences. Robbie is also the national leader for Deloitte’s LGBTI Network “GLOBE” in Australia, sitting on the Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Council for Deloitte, as well as the advisory board for ACON and a board member for Wear It Purple. As Deloitte’s most senior ‘Out role model’ Robbie strongly believes that all our people should be able to bring their whole self to work every day, advocating for a more inclusive workplace for all our people.

MC – Soozey Johnstone
Author | Director | Facilitator | Speaker @Method9 | Patienteer | #TechDiversity

Soozey’s work focuses on the gap between what executives want for themselves, and what their businesses want from them, and how to bring those two things into alignment – in the process releasing a gale of productivity for the business and vastly improved personal satisfaction for the individuals concerned. She is the brains behind dramatic turnarounds in business performances solely by focusing on the culture of the executive team and the best uses of their time right here, right now – in line with strategy. Her slogan is: “Everything is personal. Anything is possible.” Soozey is also a Co-Founder of #TechDiversity. #TechDiversity is an industry alliance committed to amplifying diversity awareness and achieving a culture of inclusion, through conversation, collaboration and action among a committed #TechDiversity community.