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Why should diversity be top of your recovery strategy

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This webinar attracted HR Directors, Change Management Leaders, People & Culture, CIOs, Marketing Heads, Talent Acquisition and many more from Retail, Government, Technology, Universities and more.

Gain answers to strategic questions for your business:

  • Why the financial returns of companies that invest in diversity are higher than their counterparts?
  • How do I create a diverse tech workforce now to mirror economic stages that lay ahead?
  • Why ICT professionals are the most in demand
  • How technology can enable a diverse work culture
  • Where do I start with a diverse workforce? What stakeholders should be involved?

Don’t let a crisis go to waste
Smart leaders are currently looking very frankly at their future strategies and considering where their organisation is going to be in the new norm. The priority for leaders is identifying how innovation can spark new growth opportunities. Research supports that diverse companies are better able to win top talent, orient themselves well with their customers and improve decision making.

Crisis generates a lot of energy
As a non-profit association we represent a diverse and talented tech workforce, we have witnessed how this workforce has excelled during the Covid-19 crisis by helping organisations to think differently and drive survive and thrive initiatives. It is our role to ensure that leaders like you are aware of the ‘rocket fuel of innovation’ that a diverse tech workforce can bring to all types of organisations in the current climate.


Making Business Sense out of Corporate Diversity

McKinsey’s research shows that gender-diverse companies are 25% more likely to outperform their peers and ethnically-diverse companies are 36% more likely to do the same.  Furthermore Gartner research finds that in a diverse and inclusive workforce performance improves by 12%, intent to stay by 20% and team collaboration and commitment improve by about 50%.  But why?

Following on from the success of our last webinar, where we looked at how diversity can support a post COVID-19 recovery strategy, we also touched on why it makes business sense to promote a fully inclusive workforce, where we took a deeper dive into exploring the why.

There is a growing awareness among organisations for the demand to embrace workplace diversity from a corporate responsibility angle, there are a number of equally compelling reasons from a business standpoint too.

Repeatedly, diverse companies are able to demonstrate they are better at winning top talent, orientating themselves better with their customers and improving decision making. But what are the metrics to prove this?

Watch the recording, where our expert panel will provide key insights into:

  • How they demonstrate the business value of diversity
  • Ways to benchmark the performance of diversity and inclusion
  • Tapping into diverse talent pools