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The Future of Work with
Heather McGowan


Change is coming at us with the greatest velocity in human history.

In the several seconds it took you to read that sentence, an algorithm executed 1,000 stock trades. Computers at the credit card network Visa processed over 3 million transactions, no doubt a few of them providing payment for the 17 packages that robots helped pack and ship from Amazon warehouses. Right now, 56,000 Google searches are returning tens of billions of results links.

Technology is accelerating the pace of business at unthinkable speeds, so much so that the job you have today is changing as quickly as you read this page.

Simultaneously, workplaces are trending towards flatter structures with diverse teams being the predominant format for delivering value to organisations and their stakeholders.

If we can barely imagine one second’s worth of digital deluge and keep pace with the external forces shaping our human capital, how will we get our heads around a stunningly different future of work?

Top 100 Futurist and LinkedIn Voice for 2017 Heather McGowan can help with that.

In her only public appearances in Australia in 2018 Heather will unpack the drivers behind the changes we face and share her unique insights into how work will be transformed and how leaders can prepare their organisations to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Location : RACV Club, Level 2, 501 Bourke Street Melbourne

Date : Friday 7th December 2018

Time : 7:30am to 9.30am



Early Bird (end 15 Nov)  $126 per ticket or $1,260 per table of 10 (excl. GST)
After Nov 15                      $145 per ticket or $1,450 per table of 10 (excl. GST)
Students                             $75 per ticket (excl. GST)


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