TechDiversity Awards New Category ‘Tech for Good’

Are you using tech for good? We are excited to announce the new 2021 #TechDiversity Awards nomination category Tech for Good – celebrating technology innovation committed to growing positive social & environmental impact.

The TechDiversity Awards nomination process is well underway, and we have received some exciting Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives showcasing a number of achievements across a variety of industry verticals. If you would like to submit a nomination in any of the five categories, you need to act fast, submission deadline is Thursday 16 December.

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Why is Tech for Good part of the TechDiversity Awards?

Tech for Good is a global movement – a community of people, projects, organisations, and funders promoting the role of technology to improve social, environmental, and economic outcomes. It is the intentional design, development and implementation of digital technologies used to address these challenges, creating an ecosystem of technology driving positive change.

[sqw_quote quote_text=”I recently had a conversation with an agency working primarily with FinTech companies, where the conversation led to our shared frustration around the lack of innovation in this space. We don’t do enough to encourage and shine a light on innovation for good, technology being designed purposely for societal or environmental good. Once I got this idea in my head, I couldn’t let it go – we need a ‘tech for good’ category in the TechDiversity Awards – as the movement is perfectly aligned with the TechDiversity Foundation vision.” alignment=”left” /]

Luli Adeyemo | Director, TechDiversity


Who Should be Nominated?

We invite Australian-based private businesses including startups, academia or research focussed organisations, as well as public sector organisations to nominate tech-driven initiatives, products or programs. As the TechDiversity Awards celebrate innovation, technology, social and environmental impact, we place an emphasis on addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Global Goals logo atop of the 17 UN Global Gooals. These are 17 different colour squares whith the description of each goal inside the allocated square, in white font.


Contributing to the awards, you are meeting five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, as we are closely aligned to the below:
#5 Gender Equality
#8 Decent Work & Economic Growth
#9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
#10 Reduced Inequalities
#16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

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Nomination Criteria

We are seeking nominations for initiatives that demonstrate the amplification of diversity awareness and for those achieving a culture of inclusion through conversation, collaboration and action. Nominations can be for initiatives, products or programs reducing waste and emissions, driving human rights, enhancing mental health services, the development of assistive tech, addressing climate change, unemployment, harm minimisation, or gender inequality, for example.

We have created four key subcategories for the Tech for Good nomination process:

Tech for Good Subcategories
Four dark purple squares each with different designs. The first square has an orange graphic with the words 'Social Impact' in white font, the second has a green lightbulb graphic with 'Environmental Sustainability' the third a yellow graphic of a person in a circle with 'Accessibility & Inclusion', and the fourth has a red hand graphic with 'Health & Wellbeing'.

1. Social Impact
Addressing societal challenges, helping society flourish and organisations succeed.

2. Environmental Sustainability
Interacting with the planet responsibly, conserving natural resources and protecting ecosystems.

3. Accessibility & Inclusivity
Building a more inclusive and accessible world.

4. Health & Wellbeing
Helping individuals and organisations create a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

For a full list of criteria and requirements, visit our Nomination Criteria page here.

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TechDiversity Awards: New Dates!

The TechDiversity Awards occur during the Awards Gala Dinner, a night of celebration and recognition shared amongst industry peers and community. Due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to ensure everyone can still be involved in the TechDiversity Awards, we recently announced the new dates for nomination submissions, judging and the Awards Gala Dinner.

List of new date changes in purple and black font inside a yellow outlined box with 'New dates' in the top left corner.
You have until Thursday 16 December 2021 to submit your nomination/s for the TechDiversity Awards.


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For any questions regarding nominations and the entry process, please contact the TechDiversity Awards organisers via email or phone:

Stacey Hutchinson
p: 0415 468 075


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