DEI Discovery Course

TechDiversity Academy is a program for anyone, at any level who wants access to the latest trends, challenges, definitions and frameworks which shape DEI. Participants will walk away with an evidence-based and best-practice approach, on how to leverage data and insights to create meaningful action. Confidently carry out sustainable organisational change and cultural, economic and social transformation.


Who is it for?

This comprehensive program is available for practitioners, managers, leaders, and teams.

TD Academy is an initiated program by the TechDiversity Foundation together with the following organisations

TD Academy Features Snapshot

TD Academy is not about building diversity and inclusion programs to tick a box. It is a unique transformational process, built on a well thought out program by a team of D&I experts with various skill sets and backgrounds – from data analytics to workplace transformational change consultants.


1. DEI Frameworks






Access to practical learning sessions, DEI frameworks and approaches that can be used within organisations.



2. Leadership Sessions






One-to-one and group sessions with DEI leaders who can show you how to leverage DEI to not only reach strategic goals, but also measure the financial impact to the organisation.


3. Peer-to-Peer Networking






Our unique peer to peer platform enables the community to share their ideas and experiences and tap into some of the leading DEI experts for support when needed.


4. Mentoring






Access to group and one-to-one mentoring sessions. A highly effective way of helping talented people develop their skills, hone their career strategies and gain both confidence and greater.

5. Free Learning Resources & Access to Research






Access to research that will help DEI and strategic business decisions to be made together.


Program Topics & Areas Covered

These programs are tailor-made for you. Whether you are a Practitioner, Manager, Leader, or a Staff.


STREAM 1: Data

1a. Become a DEI data literate organisation

1b. Understand your diversity data

1c. From data to insight to action

1d. Develop a data driven DEI strategy

1e. Measure impact




STREAM 2: Context

2a. What is DEI? – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fundamentals

2b. What is culture and how does it shape identity?

2c. Communication and collaboration across cultures

2d. Values, shared goals and reciprocal relationships

2e. Intercultural practice in organisations

STREAM 3: Transformational

3a. Understanding contemporary trends and challenges in DEI

3b. Build cross organisational engagement in DEI strategy

3c. DEI workforce development and talent management

3d. Lead and manage diverse teams

3e. Develop a culturally safe practice

1a + 2a + 3a = DEI Foundations

This Foundational DEI program has been carefully curated from 15 modules. This course also offers a prerequisite for those wishing to undertake the TD Academy certification.


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