2023 DEI Discovery Course

We are delighted to host another DEI Discovery course in 2023.  TechDiversity Academy is the very first DEI modular, professional, immersive training course of its kind in The Southern Hemisphere.  

“The Tech Diversity Academy DEI Discovery Course has been a fabulous program so far. There is a lot to learn, both from skilled facilitators as well as from the rich and robust discussion from a diverse group of participants”

Jennifer Tod, Head of People and Culture, Littlepay

It is a course for anyone, at any level who wants access to the latest tools, trends, challenges, definitions and frameworks which shape DEI. Participants will walk away with an evidence-based and best-practice approach, on how to leverage data and insights to create meaningful action. Confidently carry out sustainable organisational change and cultural, economic and social transformation.

REA Testimonial on DEI Discover course

Wayne Kelly, Delivery Lead in Tech Community Programs, REA Group. As a past DEI Discovery student Wayne share his insights  in this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why enrol on the course?

Many businesses or organisations don’t as yet understand the economic value of implementing DEI in the workplace.

This course will give you the confidence to carry out sustainable organisational change and cultural economic and social transformation.

Research shows that organisations with diverse & inclusive cultures are:

  • 6 x more likely to be innovative
  • 87% better decisioning from diverse teams
  • 35% more likely to perform better and have increased ROI



What is the course?

The course is for anyone, at any level, who wants access to the latest trends, challenges, definitions and frameworks which shape DEI frameworks.

Participants walk away with an evidence-based and best-practice on how to leverage data and insights to create meaningful action. The full course is 6 modules and runs over six months.

Today you’re signing up for the DEI Discovery course that will run over 6 weeks and comprises of three modules: Data, Context & Transformation.


What is Cahoot Learning?

Cahoot learning is the digital platform and community that will host the academy.

It is the modern melting pot where learners, facilitators and thought leaders come together to inspire, provoke, challenge and support each other – creating authentic learning and behaviour development.


What is Diversity Atlas?

Diversity Atlas, by Cultural Infusion is the creator of the only cultural diversity data-analysis platform that provides inclusive Self ID and actionable insight to create better workplaces.

It enables organisations to understand the diverse richness of its teams and to better measure, understand, acknowledge and act on its diversity, inclusion and development strategies with its platform and services.


What is the investment?

Access to TechDiversity Academy’s DEI Discovery Course is $1,495 per employee.

How is this Community different?

The TechDiversity Academy Community is different because its more than just a course; it’s a growing ecosystem and a powerful movement.

A movement to learn, connect and grow with fellow peers.

Meet the Facilitators

Veronica PardoVeronica Pardo – Diversity Atlas, Executive Director, Programs

Veronica has been leading the work on cultural equity in Australia for more than 15 years. As a highly regarded leader, Veronica is sought after by institutions to guide the development of interventions aimed at changing organisational culture, structure and practice. She brings lived and professional experience of diversity to the creation of culturally safe learning and reflection spaces.

Roman RuzbackyRoman Ruzbacky – Diversity Atlas, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Roman is an experienced diversity, equity and inclusion practitioner and has complaints management experience. He is a former analytical chemist (diversity of thought in action), has designed and developed DEI frameworks, gender equity action plans and conducted pay equity analysis. Roman has facilitated diversity workshops, provided key notes and panel discussions on DEI practice.


Words from the TD Community

"The TDAcademy community is made up of people who believe in the power of community and education to harness the DEI transformational process."

Luli Adeyemo, Director of TD Foundation and Founder of Best Case Scenario

"When I think about the value that the TD Academy will bring to me as a DEI practitioner, it's really about tapping into the diverse thinking of a community of other practitioners who might be doing really innovative things."

Ali Wood, Senior Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at REA Group

"At Neurodiversity Academy, we’re all about helping organisations to create Neuro-inclusive workplaces. We’re very excited to be partnering with TD Academy to become a part of the community."

Will Wheeler, Founder/Director at Neurodiversity Academy

As soon as you begin your six-week course, you become a valuable member of the TechDiversity Academy community. An ecosystem that will live on, long after the course has finished.

This is the genesis of something contemporary, new and valuable.

A digital destination where you’ll have access to these 5 key things:

1. Free Learning Resources & Access to Research
2. Mentoring
3. Leadership Sessions
4. DEI Frameworks
5. Peer to Peer Networking

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