Luli Adeyemo

The TechDiversity Foundation is thrilled to announce that event management agency, Best Case Scenario will take over the management of the TechDiversity Awards and operation of the TechDiversity Foundation. The TechDiversity Team believe Luli and Best Case Scenario are the obvious choice – they are committed to diversity in the tech sector, possess an unwavering desire to make a difference and facilitate some of the largest tech events in the country.

After 5 years of running the #TechDiversity Awards we recognise greater fulltime effort is required to take the #TechDiversity Awards to a national stage and to truly celebrate our TechDiversity champions. We couldn’t imagine TechDiversity being in better hands.

Diversity for the sake of diversity doesn’t work, Luli views diversity as a by-product for businesses who put great effort into maximising business success.

Luli comments, “Inclusive organisations do not view diversity as just policy, but acknowledge the core value it can bring to organisations – diversity for the sake of diversity doesn’t work. I am extremely excited and grateful that the TechDiversity team approached me to take over the operation of the TechDiversity Foundation and management of the TechDiversity Awards. It’s exhilarating to be part of something that showcases and celebrates the true business value that diversity and inclusivity brings to an organisation”.

It is because of these beliefs that the TechDiversity Foundation approached Luli at the beginning of 2020. Luli will continue the fantastic work of the TechDiversity founders and inspire tech-based organisations to implement long-lasting change around diversity, based on the examples set by others. The TechDiversity team and committee will also continue to have strategic input and act as an advisory to Luli and her team.

Deirdre Diamante, Co-Founder of TechDiversity comments “Luli’s passion for inclusivity in business comes from real life experiences”.

Luli’s team were appointed to make Government events digitally inclusive. Since then, Luli has been campaigning to make sure that diversity and inclusion is front and centre for organisations hosting events, resulting in a better delegate experience, increasing delegate attendance and creating a more inclusive event.

“We all agreed at TechDiversity that Luli and her team were a perfect fit – they have supported other non-profit awards ceremonies such as the AIIA’s iAwards which celebrates technology innovation among Government, universities, students and corporates” commented, Soozey Johnstone, TechDiversity Co-Founder.

Luli wants to eliminate any thoughts that inclusivity and diversity is just a tick on an organisation’s corporate social responsibility policy and the TechDiversity Awards 2020 program will be built on the business value diversity and inclusion bring to an organisation.

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