AI in HR Technology: Using AI to remove unconscious bias - experts in conversation.

An excellent conversation around using AI to remove unconscious bias, our participants included:

  • Matt Kuperholz, Partner & Chief Data Scientist | PwC Australia
  • Russell Porter, Head of Strategy and Innovation Office, Value Experience | SAP SuccessFactors
  • Soozey Johnston, Author | Director | Facilitator | Speaker @Method

Making business sense out of corporate diversity & building a successful business case

This essential conversation attracted HR Directors, Change Management Leaders, People & Culture, CIOs, Marketing Heads, Talent Acquisition and many more from Retail, Government, Technology, Universities and more.
Conversation contributors featured;
  • Kat Barnett, Director, Employer Success for JAPAC at | Oracle
  • Hiam Sakakini, Founder & Culture Transformation Expert | The Culture Equation.

Why should diversity be top of your recovery strategy?

Participants gave their view and tips on the impact of diversity on organisation performance and employee well-being. Speakers included: 

  • Mac Ghani, Managing Director | Avanade
  • Madeleine Grummet Founder, CEO, Startup Mentor @Future Amp | girledworld
  • Robbie Robertson Managing Partner, Virtual Office | National Leader, Deloitte
  • MC – Soozey Johnstone Author, Director, Facilitator, Speaker | Method9, Patienteer,  #TechDiversity